The Osservatorio has been working in the sector of minors’ protection over the last 20 years. The media feed, animate and influence perceptions, life-styles and beliefs of the youth. This draws from the media key elements to build their identity, their vision of the worlds, their models of health, well-being, consumption and their overall vision of society.

The projects

A Course in Media Education

The main objective is to help students develop a critical approach to media, which entails giving them the theoretical and practical knowledge they need to understand mass media in all of its forms and content (production, organization, fruition, and messages). The Osservatorio di Pavia’s approach to media education aims to integrate theory and practice, to provide theoretical information in the field of communication studies while also encouraging students to apply that knowledge immediately in a research project.

The study, analysis, and comparison of the language and messages produced by the media, in particular by television, are also an opportunity to deepen the study and understanding of the present, and they offer various opportunities for in-depth study with professors of curricular teaching subjects.

Cartoon values: values, characters, and cartoon languages

Cartoons are a highly common genre, often misunderstood and basically little known. The purpose of the research project is to shed light on the themes, characters, and values that are present in the cartoons. Without (false) moralisms, without following the mainstream discourse. Because children can adopt cartoons as a teaching tool to help them through the challenges of growing up.