Diversity Media Report e Diversity Media Awards 2021

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Diversity Media Report e Diversity Media Awards 2021

10 June 2021 - ore 11:30


Press presentation of the Diversity Media Report and the Diversity Media Awards 2021.
Diversity Media Report is the annual research on the media coverage of issues and events relevant to people different for gender identity, age, sexual and affective orientation, (dis)ability and ethnicity, in the Italian media (January – December 2020) carried out by Diversity in collaboration with the Osservatorio di Pavia. Diversity Media Awards is the first European award promoted by Diversity to recognize content and personalities that, during 2020, have distinguished themselves for a valorizing and inclusive representation of people for issues of gender and gender identity, sexual and affective orientation, age, disability and ethnicity, in the different national media (cinema, TV, radio, press, web, information, advertising). Speakers: Gabriele Rabaiotti, Councillor for Social and Housing Policies of the Municipality of Milan; Laura Ambrosino (Head of Media & Communication of the European Commission Representation in Milan), Francesca Vecchioni, President of Diversity and creator of the Diversity Media Awards; Monia Azzalini, Pavia Observatory, Diego Passoni, presenter of the Diversity Media Awards 2021. For information and accreditation: Mongini Comunicazione: Simona Bastioni, tel. 02.8375427, cell. 349.5777825, sbastioni@monginicomunicazione.com; Giulia Maiocchi, tel. 02.8375427, cell. 340.5994915, gmaiocchi@monginicomunicazione.com