MEDIAted Africa: the 2023 dossier

- Migration and multiculturalism
MEDIAted Africa: the 2023 dossier

Africa Mediata is the dossier created by Amref in collaboration with researchers from the Osservatorio di Pavia to analyze how the African continent is represented today on TV, in newspapers and on social media.

Like every year, the Dossier delves into a special aspect. This year we talked about innovation: how much does the media talk about Africa, giving space to the innovative processes and realities of which it is rich? Thus, concretely contributing to breaking down stereotypes and building a correct and multifaceted knowledge of the Continent?

The survey includes different sectors in which innovation can take place: from the economy (new technologies, machinery and innovative production strategies, sustainability, etc.), to discoveries in the scientific and health fields; from art to architecture; from international cooperation to agriculture; from the environment to the new media.

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