Media and climate crisis: the analysis of the Osservatorio for Greenpeace Italy

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Media and climate crisis: the analysis of the Osservatorio for Greenpeace Italy

The monitoring of the Osservatorio di Pavia for Greenpeace Italyon the visibility of the climate crisis in the Italian media, carries on. This time we are observing the quarter from 1 May to 31 August 2022. As in the previous quarter, our analysis focused on 5 national newspapers (Avvenire, Il Corriere della Sera, Il sole 24 Ore, La Repubblica, La Stampa), on the prime-time editions of the news of the Rai, Mediaset and La7 networks and on a sample of information television programs.

The data relating to the visibility of the topic in the 2nd quarter show an increase in attention compared to the first months of the year, especially for TV. The heat waves concomitant to the heavy drought of the summer months and the consequent water crisis, together with extreme climatic events (see the snow avalanche of the Marmolada) have put the climate issue on the agenda with greater frequency, especially on the news, where emergencies generate newsworthiness, especially when it comes to emergency events that concern us closely.

However, the greater attention paid to the issue in the summer months is accompanied by a constant marginalization of the discussion of the topic, in line with what also emerged in the first four months. The journalistic coverage of the second quarter highlights how the climate crisis is often just hinted at or sidelined rather than a protagonist in the information coverage, with a general lack of attention to investigating and making its causes or perpetrators visible.

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